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Wednesday at Bar Hill
 The next Bar Hill meeting will be on the 22nd April. We will be processing Lower Valley Farm finds, including our Neolithic arrowhead.
 Having finished at Lower Valley Farm, Fulbourn, we hope to transfer back to Childerley on Sunday 26th April. Depends on the crop state, so keep checking your emails for the latest update. For detai...

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Wimpole coprolites
 One interesting thing about the 2014 Test Pitting at Wimpole was the large number of coprolites found. This article discusses coprolites and their impact on Cambridgeshire.
Haslingfield Grey Report
 The Haslingfield Test Pit Project grey report is now available to download. Thanks go to Rob Atkins for his hard work in producing it.
2014 Excavations at Wimpole
 During the summer of 2014, CAFG undertook a series of excavations around the Wimpole estate in order to investigate features identified by geophysical survey. read more
Excavations on Wimpole glasshouse
 The report on our excavations at Wimpole on the glasshouse has now been submitted to the National Trust.