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Wednesday at Bar Hill
 The meeting at Bar Hill on 20th August will be to finish sorting, weighing, washing and cataloguing the Wimpole finds, and to think about the conclusions to Wimpole 2014.
 After the excavations at Wimpole Hall at the end of July, there will be short pause before fieldwalking starts in the autumn. For details contact fieldwalking...

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Excavations on Wimpole glasshouse
 The report on our excavations at Wimpole on the glasshouse has now been submitted to the National Trust.
Marcasite nodules
 Unexpected geological find while fieldwalking at Lower Valley Farm. What were they, meteorite, slag or something else?
The Wimpole Pebble-Hammer
 Despite the recent bad weather a number of significant finds have been made during our fieldwalking, including a pebble-hammer.
Recognising man-made flints
 This article is intended as a guide on how to distinguish man-made flint tools from the many natural broken and fractured flints.