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Lectures/outside events
 Our next talk will be on 23rd April at 7.30pm at the McDonald Institute, Cambridge: after the AGM, Dr Paul Spoerry will talk on "Finding, and not finding, Medieval Huntingdon"
 On Sunday 6th April we completed fieldwalking for the winter 2013/14 season. For details of any forthcoming field activities, contact fieldwalking@cafg.net

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Marcasite nodules
 Unexpected geological find while fieldwalking at Lower Valley Farm. What were they, meteorite, slag or something else?
The Wimpole Pebble-Hammer
 Despite the recent bad weather a number of significant finds have been made during our fieldwalking, including a pebble-hammer.
Recognising man-made flints
 This article is intended as a guide on how to distinguish man-made flint tools from the many natural broken and fractured flints.